Specialty Flexes Printing

Specialty flex prints differ from normal flex prints (CAD Print and Garment Films) due to the special visual effects in the printing foils.

SPECIAL FOILS (Garment Films)

Glitter is a very fine mix of the foil colour’s spectrum, moving from darker to very Shiny Particles. It shines and glistens intensely, especially as light catches it at different angles. The foil has a slight texture to it.

Shimmer has a metallic look to it, giving it a slightly reflective shimmer similar to that found on classic cars. The foil is smooth to the touch.

Camouflage A printing foil with camouflage optics. The speckled look in green and brown can typically be seen on army gear.

Glow In The Dark In daylight it looks like an ordinary white print, but in the dark it delivers its full potential – a green and shiny print.

Marble has a textured effect giving a sophisticated and high quality appearance. Marble is a fantastic garment film brings a simple design to life.

Glossy flex has a high gloss finish making it ideal for eye-catching effects. Suitable for fashion wear and health and beauty industries.

Jean is great for creating unique designs as it replicates the texture of denim. Jeans is perfect for fashion wear.

Metallic is a user-friendly garment film which is ideal for producing both large and fine detailed logos. Metallic gives a distinctive effect perfect for the fashion market.

Paint is a wet look material with a unique high gloss finish. Paint is easy to cut and weed and gives a high impact finish.

Thermo reflective is perfect for the production of high visible reflective logos for application to workwear and outerwear. This reflective t-shirt vinyl is ideal for polo shirts, nylon jackets, hi-vis clothing and t-shirts etc.

Snake will produce a striking finish for any design. It is ideal to make a simple logo eye-catching.

Spangle with it’s sequin-like appearance within the pattern, spangle is ideally suited to the fashion market. Easy to cut and apply Spangle can be applied to bags, t-shirts and polo shirts

Sparkle adds a shiny sparkle finish to a custom transfers. It gives great visual effects which has proved popular with the fashion and retail markets

Sport Flex is exclusive to THE VISUAL and is highly recommended for the application of names and numbers for football kits. Sport Flex has an opaque backing and is suitable for multi colour transfer layering.

Textile Foil: If you need to make an instant impact then Textile Foil is the perfect choice. Ideal application to t-shirts, polo shirts and fashionwear.